ballerina dancer dancing with orange cloth in studio

Symposium: The Future is Creative

‘The Future Is Creative: Opportunities within the Creative Industries, post pandemic recovery and influences of art- based research on technological, digital and social transformation’ 

This hybrid symposium aims to cast the spotlight on the creative sector, arts and humanities, demonstrating how these industries kept people going in times of crisis, whilst fighting back negative criticism. 

The ‘Boundless Creativity Report’ published by the Arts and Humanities Research Council in 2021 revealed the extent the role of innovation in shaping cultural experiences influenced recovery, and the potential for new commercial enterprises. 

Co-chairs and keynote speakers of this interdisciplinary and interactive symposium will be announced soon!

We welcome papers, artefacts and live and virtual presentations suggested in the following areas: 

  • Art and Education post Covid-19 
  • Neurodiversity and the Arts 
  • Embodied Digital Technologies 
  • Creative Theories informing Approaches to Design (art and digital) 
  • Identifying our Somatic Styles 
  • Art based research to explore, understand and challenge Human Experiences 
  • Prosthetics and Embodiment 
  • Academic Integrity in Audio-Visual and Embodied Performance 
  • Augmented Reality and Tangible Objects 
  • Creativity and Science 

The symposium will be held on Friday the 10th of February as a hybrid event with live talks and exhibitions at the Winter Gardens, University Centre Weston