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Symposium 2023: The Future is Creative

Symposium 2023: The Future is Creative

Symposium 2023: The Future is Creative

‘The Future Is Creative: Opportunities within the Creative Industries, post pandemic recovery and influences of art- based research on technological, digital and social transformation’ 

Date: Friday 10th February
Time: 1:00pm - 3:30pm
Location: Winter Gardens/online

Join us for an exciting line up of national international artists live from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Bucharest and London to celebrate the comeback of the Arts following years of turmoil.

Keynote speakers include choreographer Bonnie Story (Emmy Award winner High School Musical); Hollywood Insider Michelle Zeitlin (CEO of Morezap Management); director, producer, author and actor Matthew Shaffer (book credits: 'So you want to be a dancer', 'Dancing out of the closet'), former Broadway dancer and now director and producer (currently Head of Production at Chamber Media); concept creator, director and author Dr Marina Hanganu (specialism includes the integration of technology into the arts); digital researcher and choreographer Joumana Mourad (founder of IJAD Dance Company)