Get involved

We encourage our students to make the most out of their time at UCW with a volunteer or paid role. As well as gaining new skills and experiences, their involvement counts towards earning the Student Engagement and Achievement Award (SEA Award) to recognise their contributions to UCW and impress employers.

“I really like getting involved with everything I can at UCW because I want to make the most out of my time here.

As well as studying for my Foundation Degree in Film and Media Arts Production, I also volunteer as a Student Governor and Student Representative, and represent UCW as a Student Ambassador.

Taking part is a great way to get to know everyone on different courses, and this networking has helped me a lot in meeting likeminded people to help out with my degree work and side projects.

My CV has also been boosted by all the different skills I’ve learned in these roles, so the time I put in now will really pay off in the future.

I also think it so important for students to have a loud voice in all of the discussions about how UCW is being run.

If you don’t have your say, you can’t really complain when decisions are being made that you don’t agree with.”

Recent UCW graduate Farhath Siddiqui