Shahbaz Shares his UCW Story


UCW student Shahbaz, currently on the Electro-Mechanical Engineering Degree Apprenticeship course, shares his positive experiences and the impact UCW has had on his academic and professional growth. 

Shahbaz highlights the significant role UCW has played in enhancing his practical skills and preparing him for the workforce. “UCW has helped my practical skills to grow and prepared me for my work skills,” Shahbaz states. 

From the outset, the lecturers at UCW have been instrumental in Shahbaz’s academic journey. “The lecturers have been very supportive from the first day. They have helped me get up to speed on everything I struggled with. They are all very friendly and always willing to put in the time and effort to help you succeed,” he adds. 

The support staff, including the HEART Team, have also made a considerable difference. “The HEART Team and other support staff are always available whenever I need support,” Shahbaz notes. 

Shahbaz appreciates the facilities and equipment at UCW, particularly the accessibility of laptops for online work and the various study areas, such as the common room, quiet pod, and library. 

Looking ahead, Shahbaz aspires to continue working at Airbus and climb the management ladder. His favourite module, “Fundamentals of Materials for Manufacturing,” has helped deepen his understanding of material properties. 

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