Performing Arts Symposium: Telepresence

"Neuroscience, the arts, and embodied presence in a digitally mediated hybrid space"

The Covid-19 pandemic had a huge impact on the way we collaborate, communicate and create in mostly technologically mediated environments.

Research in telepresence can be traced way back alongside the history of telecommunication and computing, with early researchers and artists exploring the possibilities and restrictions of remote collaboration which drastically changed through the invention of new technologies.

The pandemic accelerated the need to develop digital spaces and our understanding of the impact this made on our lives, particularly looking at social interaction, education and performance creation.

The repercussion of working in hybrid spaces provided both, opportunities, and obstacles.

The symposium is looking to showcase some new insights and progresses made within our understanding of digital spaces and will discuss psychological impact and ethical issues that arise within virtual environments.

Sylvia Lane will chair an impressive panel. Click below to read more about our panellists.

If you're interested in all things performing arts and want to take a look into the future digital possibilities in this medium, click here to sign up now!

Clémence Debaig




Joumana Mourad 


Naomi Smyth

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