Lauren Excels in Animal Management


Lauren has been thriving in her Animal Management course, gaining valuable skills and knowledge that are setting her up for a bright future. Reflecting on her time at UCW, Lauren shares how the institution has profoundly impacted her educational journey and personal development. 

“UCW has helped with my knowledge a lot by allowing me to discover my own ways of learning and the independence to educate myself on certain matters during assignments,” Lauren explains. She highlights how the supportive environment at UCW has facilitated her growth in various competencies. “I have learned plenty of new skills during my experience at UCW such as leadership when I was given a task as a group and had to guide my group through it, also my time management skills have improved massively throughout the course.” 

The Animal Management program at UCW has not only enhanced Lauren’s academic abilities but also provided her with clarity regarding her future career path. “The lecturers at UCW have helped me so much throughout my course when it comes to learning and helping me with deciding what I want to do with this course,” Lauren notes. Initially uncertain about her career direction, she now has two potential career options: working on a dairy farm or pursuing a role in an aquarium, inspired by a recent university trip to Barcelona and her lecturer’s passion for marine biology. 

When she needed it, Lauren’s journey was supported by the HEART team, especially in overcoming challenges related to her dyslexia. “I have never been more grateful for that support since I have never had it before and spent most of my school years scraping through with my grades. Now that I have the assistance I always needed, I can understand the assignments better and my grades are showing it,” she says. 

Lauren’s favourite module, Ethics and Welfare, has been particularly engaging. “The discussions during the sessions are also interesting as everyone has different ideas and feels differently about these things leading to great discussions and debates as a group.” 

Lauren’s experience shows the supportive learning environment at UCW, highlighting our commitment to preparing students for future success!  

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