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Jenny Shapes Her Future in Performing Arts


Jenny, a vibrant and passionate student at UCW, is pursuing a BA (Hons) in Musical Theatre. Reflecting on her journey, Jenny highlights UCW’s role in nurturing her growth as a performer and shaping her understanding of the industry she aspires to enter. 

Throughout her time at UCW, Jenny expresses gratitude for the holistic support provided by her lecturers. They have not only challenged her to refine her craft but also empowered her by recognising and reinforcing her strengths. Their guidance strikes a balance between constructive criticism and encouragement, making a perfect environment for personal and artistic development. 

In addition to the academic faculty, Jenny acknowledges the invaluable assistance she received from the HEART Team and other support staff, particularly during the transition into university life as an international student. Their support has been instrumental in alleviating the challenges associated with relocation and has contributed to her sense of security and belonging. 

The facilities and equipment at UCW have proven indispensable for Jenny’s studies. With access to state-of-the-art dance studios and rehearsal spaces, she appreciates the opportunity to apply her theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. These resources have facilitated her growth as a performer and have been essential in honing her skills throughout her course. 

Looking towards the future, Jenny envisions herself working as a performer in the dynamic industry of resort and cruise ship entertainment. Her love for travel aligns seamlessly with her career aspirations, while her ultimate goal is to derive fulfilment from her work and to create a sense of excitement and joy in her professional endeavours. 

Amidst the diverse modules offered in her curriculum, Jenny identifies the Professional Musical Theatre Projects Module as her favourite. This module provides her with the exhilarating opportunity to showcase her talents on stage, culminating her academic journey with a tangible and unforgettable performance experience. 

Jenny’s story epitomises the transformative impact of UCW’s nurturing environment on aspiring performers. With unwavering dedication and support, she embarks on her journey towards a fulfilling career in musical theatre, embodying the spirit of creativity and resilience fostered by her university experience. 

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