Jack and Susan Thrive in Environmental Health


Jack and Susan, two dedicated learners at UCW, are making waves in their respective fields of study, showcasing the impact of UCW’s programs on their knowledge and career prospects. 

Jack, currently on the BSC in Public and Environmental Health, highlights the invaluable networking opportunities facilitated by UCW. “The range of guest lectures from both private and public sectors has been key to expanding my professional connections,” says Jack. UCW’s emphasis on accessibility, both in terms of lecturers’ availability and hybrid classroom facilities, has made learning a dynamic and inclusive experience. 

Similarly, Susan, pursuing the Environmental Health Practitioner Degree Apprenticeship, commends UCW for its diverse subject areas and supportive environment. “The broad knowledge base of lecturers and the comprehensive support from the HEART Team have been paramount in my academic journey,” says Susan. “The lab facilities equipped with everything necessary for research projects have truly enhanced our learning experience.” Sarah also spoke favourably about the format of her degree apprenticeship. “The ability to do the apprenticeship allows me to earn and learn at the same time. Apprenticeships aren’t just for 18-year-old school leavers, they are open to anyone from any background.”  

Both Jack and Susan have clear career aspirations post-graduation. Jack has a job with VG Technical in food safety auditing, leveraging his newfound expertise. Meanwhile, Susan, currently working with North Devon Council in environmental protection, envisions a future dedicated to making a positive impact on public health and environmental sustainability. Both Jack and Susan have also chosen to stick with UCW, becoming lecturers on their programmes starting this September!  

Their stories reflect the versatility and accessibility of UCW’s programs, catering to learners from diverse backgrounds and career trajectories. As Jack aptly summarises, “UCW offers opportunities for career transition and growth, regardless of one’s prior experience.” 

For individuals like Susan, who seized the chance to pursue an apprenticeship while balancing work and education, UCW’s commitment to lifelong learning is evident. “Apprenticeships aren’t just for school leavers,” Susan emphasises. “They’re inclusive pathways for anyone seeking to enhance their skills and career prospects.” 

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