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Graduation – Photos and Video
Graduation – Photos and Video

photography / video will be captured at graduation

Things are a bit different this year and we're sorry that guests are not allowed in the church to watch you graduate. We're trying our best to make the alternative as good as possible - so you have lasting memories of your day and time with us.

We'll be taking photos and capturing video throughout graduation day - including livestreaming the whole ceremony for your friends/family to watch. Everything we capture will be freely available to you - you're welcome to download your photos and do whatever you like with them. There's no usage restrictions and no cost to access them.

What we’re capturing and why

WHAT: Our roaming photographer will be shooting photos throughout the day across all areas both inside and outside.
WHY: We capture photos to give us a ‘flavour’ of the day which will be uploaded to our social media, and freely available for you to download. We may also use these in promotional campaigns such as on our websites or in our prospectus.

WHAT: Our roaming videographers will be filming throughout the day across all areas both inside and outside.
WHY: We capture video throughout the day to create a promotional film which gives current, future and past students an overview of Graduation day. This will be uploaded to our social media, and used on our website and in campaigns.

WHAT: There are 8 live cameras set up in the church which will be used during the ceremony - including close up shots of individuals as they graduate.
WHY: We are livestreaming each ceremony for friends / families to watch either online or in the Italian Gardens. The entire ceremony videos will also be uploaded to social media.

WHAT: A static photographer will capture every student as they collect their scroll and return to their seat in the church.
WHY: As guests are not permitted into the church this year, we will make these photos freely available for download on social media so you have a lasting memory from the moment you graduated.

Capturing, storing and processing your likeness

In order to meet our obligations under UK-GDPR and our ISO 27001 certification, we're committed to being 100% transparent about what and why we're capturing photos / video, how we'll keep your data safe and how you can opt out / withdraw your consent at any time.

Our legal position

  • All students attending today’s event have already consented to their image being captured in the above ways.
  • We are unable to capture friends/family consent this year, as they are not officially ‘attending’ the event. Any photographs / video captured which includes guests is captured under the lawful basis of Legitimate Interest.

How to opt out

  • The option to 'opt out' of having your image captured was offered when you initially booked your tickets.
  • You can also opt out of having your image captured on the day by speaking to a camera operator (wearing a blue high visibility jacket).
  • Due to the fast-paced nature of the ceremony in the church, and the number of camera's / photographers it may not be possible to stop your image being captured live (including on the livestream). If this is the case please speak to us as soon as possible after the ceremony so we can arrange for your still image(s) to be deleted.
  • You can withdraw your consent at any point in the future by emailing

How we’ll process and store images

  • All images will be stored securely in line with our standard operating procedures – meeting our obligations under UK-GDPR and ISO 27001.
  • Images / video will be uploaded to social media – freely available for you to download.
  • Images / video may be passed to third party news organisations for public relations activity(s).
  • Images / video may be used on our website, on social media or in publications for the purpose of promoting the Weston College Group.
  • Images / video will be uploaded to our digital asset management software to track future image usage.

We're really looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday 18th September to celebrate your Graduation. If you have any questions about the photos / video we're planning to capture please email

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