Former Student Puts on Debut Show About Dyscalculia


UCW celebrates the remarkable journey of Mia, a graduate in Performing Arts! 

Throughout her time at UCW, Mia honed her skills in theatre making, marketing, and creative practice, laying the foundation for her future endeavours. Reflecting on her experience, Mia shared: “UCW gave me the knowledge and the confidence to get out there and create opportunities for myself. The lecturers were so experienced and without their input I don’t think I would be where I am today.” 

Mia was able to build a strong network around her at UCW, saying: “I met the most amazing friends who have really inspired me to go into theatre.” Fuelled by determination and inspired by her supportive network of friends and lecturers, Mia founded ‘From the Mud’, a monthly cabaret show at the Front Room Theatre in Weston. This platform has not only provided a space for creatives to showcase their work but has also paved the way for Mia and her peers to produce their own touring shows. 

One of Mia’s most memorable experiences was seeing shows, and performing at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival, an opportunity she treasures for its blend of artistic inspiration and personal growth. 

One of Mia’s most exciting projects is a show all about her experience with dyscalculia, Mia is a passionate advocate for dyscalculia awareness. Her show aims to get people talking about the condition, using comedy and humour in her shows, as well as a personal touch as she draws on her experiences throughout school. Through her advocacy work and collaboration with the Dyscalculia Network, Mia strives to dismantle stigmas and ensure that individuals with Dyscalculia receive the support they need to thrive. Mia passionately said: “Dyscalculia does not define who I am and It’s a small part of me that I struggle with every day, but it has never stopped me from creating, making music, marketing and managing myself.” You can see the trailer for Mia’s show here. 

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Mia credits UCW for equipping her with the knowledge and confidence to pursue her passions and create opportunities for herself. She emphasises the invaluable guidance and mentorship provided by UCW’s experienced lecturers, without whom her journey would have been incomplete. 

As Mia continues to make waves in the performing arts scene and champion important causes, UCW is inspired by her resilience, creativity, and commitment to making a difference. 

A performance of Mia’s show will take place on the 20th of April at the Front Room Theatre in Weston, tickets can be booked by clicking here

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