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Joining UCW in September 2023? You are invited to attend our successful Headstart programme which

  • Introduces students to the academic culture and community of UCW
  • Familiarises students with some of the key academic skills expected of HE study. 

Headstart is a programme of short, friendly workshops. It includes a range of different introductory academic skills each day and enables new students to meet staff, fellow students and familiarise themselves with our learning environments. The Headstart 2023 programme includes:

Tuesday 4th July, 10am-3pm at UCW Winter Gardens Campus. An introduction to UCW culture and community, critical thinking and academic reading

Wednesday 5th July, 10am-3pm at UCW Winter Gardens Campus. Formal writing, academic and library sources, Harvard referencing and developing digital skills

Thursday 6th July, 10am-3pm at UCW Winter Gardens Campus. Exploring your UCW culture and community, reflective thinking, academic writing, using feedback and discussions.

Can’t attend in-person? Join us online:

Friday 7th July, 9:00am to midday, Online. Headstart online Q&A sessions on the same themes for those who wish to attend remotely.

What students have said about Headstart in the past:

  • “My experience with Headstart has been immensely helpful and enriching, with support and useful tutorials. I feel more confident about starting university now.”
  • “All the topics taught were really useful and the speakers were very good at getting their information across and making me feel at ease. Having the basics of how to do academic reading and writing is a real lifesaver, and I really love that they gave us other resources and links so that if we’re struggling throughout university we know how to get help.”
  • “It was very useful all round with lots of advice and tips. It is also nice to get to know the university site prior to starting. I feel more at home which has taken away a lot of the nerves.”
  • “I liked the relaxed atmosphere and the information given. The chance to attend different workshops over the few days that were relevant to me. Lovely, friendly tutors too. “
  • “Headstart has provided me with an insight into the support and sources that I can access at university.”

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Royal Parade,
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