Biological Laboratory Sciences, FdSc

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The course provides all of the practical skills needed for working in a laboratory, including preparing solutions, chemical handling and working with state-of-the-art laboratory instruments. You will also undertake nutritional, chemical and microbiological analysis of food, air, soil and water, and investigate chemical synthesis, gene cloning, protein analysis and other microbiological techniques. You will study the key environmental and biological … Read More

Public and Environmental Health (top-up), BSc (Hons)


Working as an environmental health practitioner in either the public or private sector requires a broad skillset in order to advise, consult, manage, inspect and enforce in a range of areas relating to public health and the environment; ensuring people can live and work in safe and healthy settings. Starting salaries for environmental health practitioners (EHPs) typically start at £25,000 … Read More

Public and Environmental Health, FdSc


The nature of the work of environmental health practitioners (EHPs) is varied and challenging and makes a real difference to people’s health and wellbeing. Those working in the field need a sound knowledge of the natural and manmade worlds and the systems and policies that govern them. In order to become a qualified EHP, you’ll need a degree endorsed by … Read More