UCW supports campaign to reduce noise pollution

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UCW, reduce noise pollution, Public and environmental health students

University Centre Weston (UCW) has taken part in the national Noise Action Week 2018 campaign (May 21 – 26).

The initiative, led by charity Environmental Protection UK, aims to raise awareness of the impact excessive noise can have on health and wellbeing, and its cost to communities, with local councils often having to pay thousands of pounds to investigate a noise complaint.

UCW Public and Environmental Health students worked with North Somerset Council’s Environmental Protection Officers to inform members of the public about noise pollution as part of the campaign.

They manned a stall in Weston’s Italian Gardens on Wednesday and Thursday (May 23 and 24) to provide information about noise pollution.

The students also offered free earplugs and sound monitoring on people’s personal listening devices, as loud music has been found to contribute to a number of serious, long-term hearing problems.

Such advice was shared with UCW Popular Music and Music Production degree students at a recent event at UCW’s Loxton Campus (pictured), with the performers encouraged to wear ear protection and keep volumes at a safe level.

UCW Public and Environmental Health Curriculum Coordinator David Lown said: “We’re delighted to contribute to such an important public health campaign, and warning young people about the damage listening to loud music can have on their hearing is particularly relevant to us.

“Work-based learning is central to studying environmental health at UCW, so Noise Action Week offered our students the chance to study noise pollution, work with the experts in the North Somerset Council environmental protection team and also inform members of the public about the dangers loud noise can pose.”

UCW was one of the main sponsors for this year’s Noise Action Week.

Environmental Protection UK’s Rob Enticott said: “Environmental Protection UK welcome the support of public health staff and students at University Centre Weston during Noise Action Week.

“Noise pollution is second only to air pollution in damage caused to public health.

“Surveys have found over 80% of people are exposed to noise pollution at home and nearly half of people are bothered by intrusive traffic noise in their homes.

“Environmental Protection UK are delighted to be working in collaboration with University Centre Weston and North Somerset Council to reduce the impact of unhealthy noise on the health of everyone.”

The Public and Environmental health degrees at UCW are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and delivered in partnership with UWE Bristol.