UCW Launch Engineering Degrees

Jeremy Plumley

UCW Engineering Degree

Weston College is expanding its engineering provision to include degree level qualifications in engineering, starting September 2016.

Potential engineering students now have the option to study an HNC or HND in either Civil or Mechanical Engineering, as well as the current curriculum – which includes Diplomas, BTECs and Advanced and Intermediate Apprenticeships.

These new qualifications will be taught through a combination of lectures, tutorials and practical sessions, and successful completion of either of the courses will enable learners to apply for Engineering Technician status, or give them the opportunity to top-up their qualification to a full BSc Honours Degree.

Andy Davidson, Executive Director of the College’s Technical and Professional Curriculum, said that the decision to teach engineering at degree level was an easy choice to make.

“We are in a great location in the West of England, between the major manufacturing and aerospace industries in Bristol and the EDF Energy nuclear development at Hinkley Point C, and so we benefit from a lot of links with major engineering companies.

“The engineering team we’ve put together here is also fantastic, bringing together individuals with successful working experience in the engineering sector and expertise in a variety of fields.”

Joining the engineering team this year are Dr Clive Bancroft and Liz Griffiths.

Dr Bancroft has worked in the engineering sector for nearly 20 years, managing several technology companies ngineering. He joins the team as Lecturer and Course Manager for Electrical Engineering.

Liz, who joins the team as a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, has previously worked in a variety of roles within the aerospace industry, including positions at Westland Helicopters and GKN.

People who graduate with engineering and technology degrees earn approximately 20% more per year than the average salary for other graduates, and can expect to earn significantly more over their lifetime than graduates with qualifications in other subjects.

The College itself is investing a further £2.7 million into its engineering provision, following the opening of its £1.5 million engineering centre in September 2015.