Students impress in Weston General Hospital training exercise

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Students Weston General Hospital UCW training exercise

University Centre Weston (UCW) students recently took part in major incident training at Weston General Hospital, impressing staff with their enthusiasm for the exercise.

The exercise, called ‘Summer Dunes’, was designed to test the hospital’s emergency incident procedures.

Uniformed and Public Services students pretended to need treatment for a variety of illnesses and injuries as a result of an incident at the beach.

Clinical and clerical staff then had to react to the intake of patients to make sure that the hospital could handle such an emergency in real life.

Weston General Hospital’s Resilience Manager Mike Long, who organised the exercise, said: “The students who participated in the exercise were the most engaged and enthusiastic students that I’ve worked with over the years.

“All involved were great ambassadors for UCW.”

Phil Walmsley, Weston General Hospital’s Director of Operations, added: “These exercises are vital to test our incident response planning, and it is excellent that the students could gain ‘real world’ experiences as part of their studies.

“We look forward to further developing our close ties with UCW and Weston College as we would like to be considered as a local employer of choice for these students.”

Hannah Lynn, who studies at UCW and took part in the exercise, said: “Working with the hospital staff was great as they all worked so well as a team despite having no idea of what they would be dealing with.

“Major incidents are common to all of the emergency services, so this was such a valuable experience.”

The Uniformed and Public Services degrees at UCW are delivered in partnership with the University of the West of England, Bristol.