Behind the scenes at UCW’s music video shoot


UCW’s Professional and Commercial Dance and Film and Media Arts Production degrees, music video shoot

Students from University Centre Weston’s commercial dance and film degrees are collaborating to make a music video to showcase their performance and production talents.

The students from UCW’s Professional and Commercial Dance and Film and Media Arts Production degrees, which are delivered in partnership with Bath Spa University, shot the video at the Harbourside in Bristol last week.

The UCW dance students, Imogen Arney, Megan Hudson, Lauren Spalding and Rachel Hoare, performed a routine choreographed by Programme Coordinator Corrin Martin.

They were joined in the performance by their contemporaries from the Relativity School in Los Angeles, who had been hosted by UCW for the week.

The performance was captured by film students Farhath Siddiqui and Sam Martin using UCW’s state-of-the-art camera equipment.

The filmmakers are now working on post-production, which will include laying the track – ‘Mutant Brain’ by Sam Spiegel and Ape Drums – on top of the film.

Corrin said: “Our Foundation Degree in Professional and Commercial Dance aims to prepare students for the commercial dance industry, which is why opportunities like this are so crucial in advancing their professional development.

“Being able to work collaboratively with our Film and Media students, alongside Nutty Squirrel Productions, provided hands-on experience of how to work on set as a dancer with current industry professionals.

“The work that they are currently producing is already of high professional quality, and I couldn’t be more proud of their constant professionalism and dedication to their art.

“I am currently working alongside Farhath and Sam on the final edit of the video and cannot wait to see the end result!”

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Photos: James Cawte Photography.