How to apply

Applying for a full-time course

Apply for your chosen full-time degree via the University and College Admissions Service (UCAS). This entails filling in an online application form and submitting a personal statement. You can either start your course in September or defer for a year by selecting the relevant year of entry in your application.

You can also keep up with the status of your application via the Track section of the UCAS website.

UCW can provide guidance with the UCAS application process. If you would like some help, please get in touch with our admissions officer. Please download our step-by-step guide to the UCAS application process and advice on writing personal statements for more information about the application process.

What happens when we receive an application?

Depending on the status of your chosen course, UCW will either assess whether you meet the entry requirements and have demonstrated the motivation and commitment to succeed, or the decision whether to make you an offer will be made by one of our partner universities based upon our recommendations.

Applicants may also need to attend an interview, go through an audition process, or submit academic or creative work for consideration. You will receive guidance and a minimum of two weeks’ notice should this apply to you. You can find out more about our additional selection methods here.

What happens if we offer you a place?

If you have applied through UCAS you will also receive our offer through their system. If you have applied to us directly then we will make an offer via email. Once the offer has been accepted we will typically invite you to an orientation event to meet your lecturers and fellow students. We will also send you a reminder about applying for student finance and information about our student accommodation. At the end of August you will receive confirmation of your place at UCW, your accommodation allocation (if applicable) and start of term information. You will not receive student finance until you have enrolled at UCW.

Applying for a part-time course

You can apply for part-time courses directly by contacting our admissions officer. They will provide the relevant application form, which will need to be completed in full and returned with copies of your qualifications.

How we will deal with your application

When your application arrives from UCAS, the relevant admissions tutor will consider it to check that:

  • You meet the entry requirements
  • You have the experience and skills necessary to succeed at and benefit from the course
  • You demonstrate commitment and motivation to study the course

If you meet the entry requirements and no additional information is required, we will make you an offer, which will be communicated to you via UCAS Track.

If you don’t meet the standard entry requirements but we can see potential in your application, we may ask you to submit a piece of written work or attend interview with a course tutor. Some of our courses also use additional selection methods such as auditions or portfolios.

UCW Admissions Policy and Procedures

For more information about the application process at UCW, please download our Admissions Policy and Procedures