Construction and the Built Environment (Civil Engineering), HNC/HND

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Civil Engineer At Construction Site

These courses have been designed for students who are looking for a university-level and professional-standard technical education in engineering. The HNC and HND pathway in Construction and the Built Environment (Civil Engineering) at UCW provides the skills and knowledge you will need to meet the demands of employers in this vital sector. Read more The courses have been developed with … Read More

Uniformed and Public Services, BA (Hons)

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This course can help you realise you ambition of working for the ambulance, fire, police, rescue or prison services, in the Army, Navy or RAF, or in related roles such as in local government or education. It has been developed with input from employers in the sector and provides all of the key skills and knowledge required to begin your … Read More

Games and Animation Production, BA (Hons)

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This unique Foundation Degree in Games and Animation Production is designed to equip you with the broad range of tools and skills necessary for a career in animation and game production, one of the most rapidly expanding and exciting areas of the creative arts.

Engineering Degree Apprenticeships

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UCW Aerospace Engineering Manufacturing, FdSc

Degree Apprenticeships are a great new way for employers to upskill existing members of staff with degree-level skills and knowledge in the key areas needed to grow their businesses. They combine full-time paid work with part-time academic study and, when completed, result in the apprentice being awarded an Honours Degree at Level 6. The engineering courses at UCW are delivered … Read More

Hair, Make-up and Prosthetics for Production, BA (Hons)

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With so many film, television and theatrical productions, music events, photoshoots and fashion shows here in the South West, there is a need for talented production artists and designers with a flair for bringing ideas to life. This course can help you begin or progress your career in hairstyling, cosmetics, prosthetics and special effects by providing you with the opportunity … Read More

Professional Music Performance and Production, BA (Hons)

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 AT A GLANCE Develop your professional practice in production or performance and prepare for a variety of roles and an exciting career in the music industry. About the courseWhat you’ll studyProgressionEntry requirementsThis practical course has been designed to help students realise their ambition of working in the music industry. It provides lots of opportunities for performance, including the Music Showcase we … Read More

Performing Arts, BA (Hons)

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 AT A GLANCE Explore different styles of acting and gain the professional know-how needed to make your mark as in the performance industry. About the courseWhat you’ll studyProgressionEntry requirementsThis intensive and exciting course encompasses practice in the variety of performance areas expected of versatile practitioners in today’s performing arts industry alongside a theoretical exploration of classical and contemporary repertoires. Your … Read More

Dance for Commercial Performance, BA (Hons)

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UCW’s Professional and Commercial Dance and Film and Media Arts Production degrees, music video shoot

This course will provide you with the practical, academic and promotional skills needed to be a versatile dancer or choreographer across all genres, and also prepare you for postgraduate study and careers in related areas such as movement and dance education. The course has a practical focus, with regular studio skills sessions and public performances across the South West and … Read More

Engineering, HNC


This course provides studies in fundamental engineering principles alongside work-based learning and offers students the chance to specialise in either Manufacturing Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering or Operations Engineering. Regardless of the pathway, though, you will benefit from the UCW approach of combining academic study in areas including project design and management, mathematics and engineering science with practical learning through … Read More

Biological Laboratory Sciences, FdSc

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The course provides all of the practical skills needed for working in a laboratory, including preparing solutions, chemical handling and working with state-of-the-art laboratory instruments. You will also undertake nutritional, chemical and microbiological analysis of food, air, soil and water, and investigate chemical synthesis, gene cloning, protein analysis and other microbiological techniques. You will study the key environmental and biological … Read More