Delivery methods

  • Formal lectures
  • Practical sessions
  • Workshops and group seminars
  • Visits and field trips
  • Guest lectures from visiting experts
  • Group and 1:1 tutorials

Assessment methods

  • Written assignments
  • Presentations
  • Research projects
  • Examinations
  • Academic posters
  • Portfolios
  • Practical performances
  • Work-based learning

Qualifications explained

Foundation Degrees

A Foundation Degree is a vocational Higher Education qualification equivalent to the first two years of an Honours degree. Foundation Degrees combine academic study with work-based learning and are designed with the support of employers to equip you with a specialised skill set for a particular area of work.

Foundation Degrees offer flexible options for progression. A Foundation Degree is a nationally-recognised Level 5 qualification in its own right, but can also be topped up to a full Honours Degree by completing an additional year (full-time study). This additional year can follow on immediately from a Foundation Degree, but can also be completed several years in the future, giving you the option to continue in education or take a break depending on your circumstances.

There are currently 23 Foundation Degrees on offer at UCW.

Honours top-ups

An Honours top-up is a qualification enabling conversion of a Foundation Degree or equivalent qualification into a full Honours degree.

Whilst work-based learning is still integral to our Honours Degree courses, there is a greater emphasis on academic work and most include a dissertation as part of the final assessment. These programmes will challenge you academically, extending your knowledge of the subject whilst also enhancing a number of the skills and qualities you will need for employment at graduate level, including problem solving, analytical techniques, formulating arguments and communication skills.

There are currently 11 Honours top-ups available at UCW. We welcome applications to Honours top-up programmes from students who have completed a Foundation Degree or Higher National Diploma at another institution.

Our partner universities also offer Honours top-up programmes which accept applications from our Foundation Degree graduates, and Honours top-up programmes are available at many other universities and colleges throughout the UK.

Throughout your time at UCW you will be taught and assessed using a variety of methods. 

Work-based learning 

Work-based learning is a key element of many of our degrees and enables you to be assessed and recognised in academic credit for learning achieved within the workplace. If your course involves work-based learning, you will spend a minimum number of hours per year on work placement. This can be carried out entirely with one employer, or can be spread over a number of placements. We encourage students to actively find their own placements in areas of interest, although UCW does provide support with this. There are scholarships available to help students who wish to carry out some or all of their placement abroad.

The aim of work-based learning is to enhance your skills, knowledge and critical self-awareness in your discipline, and to make you more employable. Many of our students go on to gain full-time employment with their placement provider after they graduate thanks to the positive contributions they have made as students. Others are able to progress into new careers, armed with all the skills and experience they need to make a real impact in a business from day one.